Thanks for your interest in Booking with
Tidewater Friends of Acoustic Music

Our booking process begins December 1st of every year and ends on March 1st. Our concert season runs from the last Saturday in August through the 3rd or 4th Saturday in May. We book at least 10 months in advance, so please keep that in mind when asking for a date. Our preferred booking resource is the EPK (electronic press kit). Please refrain from sending hard copies unless requested. Please send your EPK or web site address to: tidewaterfriends at gmail dot com.

If you get a fast response from us it's because we do not let the EPKs build. One submitting artist commented that "he'd never been rejected so fast in his life." We think it only fair to give you an answer as soon as possible so you can either find other dates around us to set-up a tour or you can move on to the next opportunity. So please don't think we do not review your EPK’s… we do. Several of our board members review submissions. We review every song, every word of the lyrics, your calendar of past and present dates (very important) and we visit your official website as well.

  • For 40 years TFFM has been known as Tidewater Friends of Folk Music. To reach our ever-expanding audience with a more-current name we have added the acronym TFAM for marketing purposes; TFFM operates as TFAM: Tidewater Friends of Acoustic Music. We retain our legal name: TFFM.
  • TFFM is a 501(c)(3) organization and works with contracts and 1099’s.
  • We MUST pay a 10% city Entertainment Tax on each ticket sold and the venue rental fee of which comes off of the gate gross.
  • To performers we offer small guarantees (minus the deductions listed above) or a percentage of the gate; from these you will receive whichever amount is greater.
  • Artists keep 100% of all CD sales. Should you ask us to use our Credit Card Services (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express) we take 4% of that sale only.
  • Your performance fee will be paid by business check; CD sales are paid in cash.
  • TFFM uses the BOSE L1 System to power our concerts. Our Sound Crew is hands down some of the best you’ll ever work with when it comes to this system. They request a stage plot and tech sheet at the time your request is submitted.
  • We can provide Host Housing for small groups. Larger groups can be accommodated but they will have to stay with different hosts.
  • We DO NOT do Hotel BUY OUTS. It’s our accommodations or none… Sorry.

If you can agree to our conditions for booking by all means submit an EPK. You might be a seasoned performer or the new kid on the block… but please know that TFFM WILL listen… that’s our promise to you. Discovering new talent is what we do best.

Again… we receive many requests for dates. Please be patient, and remember that politeness goes along way with US!