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Songwriting Workshop

Songwriting Workshop

Time & Place
Saturday, April 16, 2011 @ 11:00 am
4100 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Workshop cost $35

Master's of their Trade
Mitch Barrett & Bob Martin, two of the countries finest songwriters
come together for one amazing Songwriting Workshop

No previous songwriting experience needed to attend this workshop... just the desire to get your words down on paper and possibility set to music.


  • To introduce attendees to the process of creating a song.
  • To involve attendees in each step in the creation of a song.
  • To show how music can communicate ideas, beliefs, and emotions.
  • To participate, as a group or individually, in the completion of an original song.


  • Introduce quick warm-up multi-sensory songwriting exercise “Object Writing” using a timer.
  • Share examples of attendees work.
  • Introduce exercise “Words in the key of...” and have attendees brainstorm lists using various starter words.
  • Discuss form, rhyme scheme and structure. Give examples.
  • Discuss pitfall of clichés. Generate “all-cliché” verses as a group.
  • Brainstorm topics.
  • Vote on topics. (If working as a group)
  • Brainstorm musical styles.
  • Vote on styles. (If working as a group)
  • Begin writing verses and chorus.
  • Discuss Bridges, and write one if deemed appropriate.


Songwriting Accomplishments include:

WINNER — Telluride Troubadour 2009
WINNER — The Folk's Festival Songwriting Competition
WINNER — The Merlefest "Chris Austin" Songwriting Competition (twice awarded)
WINNER — The Kerrville "New Folk" Competition.
FINALIST — Noel Paul Stooky's Music2Life (twice selected)
FINALIST — Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition — Honorable Mention


A highly talented singer-songwriter from Lowell, Massachusetts, Bob Martin released Midwest Farm Disaster in 1972 — a record that is generally acknowledged as his masterpiece and a genre benchmark.

The lyrics are top shelf too, the equal or better of most of his critically acclaimed contemporaries. Midwest Farm Disaster is laced with would-be classics, including“Blind Marie”, a moving track that happens to be the album’s most accessible song; a song that should have gained Martin commercial notoriety. Tracks like the Woody Guthrie influenced “Third War Rag” and “Frog Dick, South Dakota” are colored by Martin’s distinct sense of humor but also packed with good, catchy melodies and wonderfully sarcastic lyrics. Other songs like the intense “Mill Town”, and title track, are dark tales that relate to Bob’s earlier life on the farm and are superb examples of real Americana. The album ends with “Deer Island Prison,” which might be thought of as the album’s cornerstone. Martin turns in a stunning vocal and lyrical performance that must surely rank as one of the great, unsung confessionals.

An excellent and unforgettable LP, Midwest Farm Disaster is full of rich drifter music and should be mandatory listening for those who are into deep, rustic Americana.