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Note: This is a previous season concert. The current season is 2019-2020.

Buddy Mondlock

Songwriting Workshop

Buddy Mondlock


Time & Place
Sunday, April 14, 2013 @ 1:00 pm
4100 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Price $50
Concert Attendees $40

The day after his concert, Buddy Mondlock will lead a songwriting workshop. Concert attendees receive a $10 discount on the workshop.

In Buddy Mondlock’s workshop you will hear about the many elements involved with bringing a song to life and how to communicate feelings and ideas through music and words. Using his own songs as examples he talks about things like layers of meaning, the effective use of imagery and detail, storytelling, technical aspects like structure and rhyme scheme, the importance of editing and knowing when not to edit, the integration of music and words, and even the up sides and down sides of collaboration. His fifteen years as a staff writer in Nashville show up in his insights about publishing and the business of songwriting as well as his tips for songwriters who are interested in getting started down that road. In the longer four hour workshop you’ll also get a chance to play a song of your own for Buddy and get some comments from him and the group. There are also likely to be some fun songwriting exercises that everyone will participate in. But in the end what he will tell you is that a great song has to come from the heart. All the cleverness and technique in the world will never be a substitute for true feeling.

Buddy Mondlock has given songwriting workshops across the country from the Napa Valley Folk Festival to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Recently he led several workshops across the Atlantic at the Belfast-Nashville Songwriters Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The aim of that festival was to use songwriting to find common ground and bring communities together there.

Buddy’s songs have been recorded by Guy Clark; Nanci Griffith; Garth Brooks; Joan Baez; Peter, Paul & Mary; Janis Ian; David Wilcox; Edwin McCain; Cry, Cry, Cry... the list goes on. He has recorded five CDs including Everything Waits To Be Noticed, a songwriting and recording collaboration with Maia Sharp and Art Garfunkel. His most recent is The Edge of the World.