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RPR: Ritchie ~ Parish ~ Ritchie

RPR: Ritchie ~ Parish ~ Ritchie


Time & Place
Saturday, February 22, 2014 @ 7:00 pm
4100 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
General Admission $20
Seniors, Military & Students w/ID $17
TFAM Members $15
Children 7–17 w/paying adult 1/2 price
Children under 7 free

They rocked the folk/roots music scene as the rhythm section of Tanglefoot, one of Canada's hardest working bands with a relentless tour schedule across Canada, the US & Britain matched only by their rampaging onstage energy.

Since the band's retirement in late 2009 all three have branched out in different directions... writing, broadcasting, solo performing.

Now the three veterans have re-connected as RPR, a new configuration allows the three compatriots the opportunity to indulge in musical whims outside the frame of their former band, creating a memorable experience of arresting music, stories, laughter and reminiscence.


And whether it's an original country song of Al's, Steve's recollection of a Robert Plant version of an old Dylan tune or Rob's incisive musical humor, all the trademark harmony, the chemistry, the enthusiasm, the impact... are all there.

Review (below) by Bob Cunningham

- The Beat Magazine (March 11, 2013)

My brother had a favorite expression which went something like, “There’s nothing like a nice, quiet, relaxing evening… and that was nothing like a nice quiet relaxing evening!” Totally appropriate, in a good way, for last Saturday night at the London Music Club. Tanglefoot’s RPR, Ritchie – Parrish – Ritchie, The Untangled Tour, was loud, vibrant and exciting.

When Tanglefoot did their farewell tour four years ago at Aeolian Hall, I asked them why. Apparently, they were all pulling in different directions having other things to explore: writing, broadcasting and solo performing. I understand that, having been in various groups over the years. You can reach a point where you feel you’ve done it all and there’s no more to say, musically that is, but it was still sad to think we wouldn’t hear them live again. When Al Parrish played the Cuckoo’s Nest on his own last year, excellent though he was, I felt an air of loneliness, of loss, especially when he told stories of Tanglefoot. On Saturday he said that being part of the group was the best gig he’d ever had.

All this by way of saying their performance Saturday was a joyous occasion. The group had paired back to three core members – pirates, in my mind, who always brought such outlandish energy to the stage.

They play their instruments at times with roaring vigor at others with sparse intensity, creating many moods: Rob Ritchie on keys; Steve, his brother, guitars and bass including some great licks on electric guitar; “Dylan was nearly killed for doing this”; Al Parish guitar and electric bass guitar – we missed Al’s stand-on acoustic bass!! And new this time was the welcome addition of drummer Baeker Granger, who definitely looked the part adding more long hair to the stage. (Yes, I’m jealous!) His driving rhythms and delicate percussion gave the band huge presence, adding greatly to the lack of “…nice, quiet, relaxing evening”!

They sing raucously and passionately with big stirring harmonies. Rob told us that CBC described Al’s baritone as being somewhere between chocolate and sex.

Rob and Al seem to write mostly in a more humorous vein. Rob did a country achy–breaky-heart song about not being able to play his keys out in the woods miles from anywhere because the extension chords had come unplugged. Trust me it was funny –silly but funny! Steve tended to add to the body count with ballads ranging from soldiers to suicides. His are songs with great depth of understanding of the human condition. Having got used to Rob’s sense of humor – sort of – he then devastated us with a story, sung by Al, which he was asked to write for a fund raiser for the victims of Katrina. This had been put in motion by a couple of waitresses in a small Ontario town who donated their tips to the cause.

It’s great to have you back guys. May RPR (and B!) keep having fun and making music for us all. The evening was somewhere between chocolate and....

And that was how the evening flew by, with them telling stories about how they came to write their story songs, full of humor, pathos and love. Al has been married for thirty two years...just not to the same woman! And it’s taken him all that time to realize that a woman falls in love with a man’s potential to become the man of her dreams!

Opening: Steve Lazar

Opening: Steve Lazar


As an Old Dominion University graduate, Steve bears a degree in Music Education with emphasis in saxophone, strong bass, guitar, piano and composition. As a multi instrumentalist, he successfully performs in a broad range of musical styles. He has performed at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy center with collegiate ensembles as well as premier clubs and stages along the east coast with numerous professional groups including.

In 2012, Steve won a regional bass competition called the Alpha Music Thump-Off. With experience in all areas of the musical spectrum, Steve is one of the most sought after player/instructors in the area.