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Note: This is a previous season concert. The current season is 2019-2020.

Pete Huttlinger Tribute

Time & Place
Saturday, February 13, 2016 @ 7:30 pm
4100 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Free Admission.

Pete Huttlinger

Pete Huttlinger


Pete Huttlinger had become widely known as one of the most awe-inspiring acoustic guitar players in the world. His unique arrangements and spell-binding musicality and precision have entertained audiences from Los Angeles to Milan. Pete Huttlinger was a guitarist for John Denver in Denver's last years and also toured with artists such as LeAnn Rimes and John Oates and recorded over 15 solo albums.

As we emailed on Saturday Pete Huttlinger died on January 15th. His sudden passing has left the music world stunned. To lose such a gifted musician at such and early age is always hard to understand.

Pete was set to perform in Virginia Beach on February 13th 2016 for TFAM and our first reaction was to let everyone know of Pete's passing and that there wouldn't be a show. After a day to reflect the TFAM Board of Dirctors has decided to go ahead with the concert turning it into a tribute to Pete. This event will be FREE to attend but TFAM will be asking for donations to help with Pete's wife Erin with medical bills.

This musical tribute to Pete is falling into the very capable hands of Kim Person and Matt Thomas. Kim and Pete were very good friends. Her engineering and production skills on Tommy Emmanuel’s recordings have garnered her two Grammy nominations. Matt has been inducted into the Thumbpickers Hall-of-Fame. Some of his influences are Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Jerry Reed, Buster B. Jones, Stephen Bennett, Pat Kirtley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Django Reinhardt, Stevie Wonder, Tommy Emmanuel and Pete Huttlinger.

We hope that you will come an honor Pete with what we think will be a heart warming tribute as to who Pete was through his words and music.

Kim Person

Kim Person


When she's not renovating her idyllic, 100-year old farm house on the Virginia coastline, veteran engineer Kim Person is working with some of the most talented country, blues, and bluegrass acoustic guitarists and singer-songwriters in the world. An accomplished musician in her own right, Person and long-time collaborator Lana Puckett have garnered numerous awards and accolades for their stunning technical abilities and inspired, heartfelt performances. As a recording engineer, she taps into that same winning combination. Fellow engineers recognize her work as technically exact, while fellow music lovers recognize it as effortlessly beautiful.

Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas (J.Trower Photography)

credit: J.Trower Photography

I know the harp guitar's future is in good hands when I hear Matt play and write with the sensitivity and passion that he has. He's got terrific chops on a regular six string too! Stephen Bennett

At a young age of 27, Matt Thomas has started a young career and gained some large credit in the world of fingerstyle guitar. He won 1st place in both contemporary thumbpicking and open style at the Home of the Legends International Thumbpicking Competition. The following year, he returned to be inducted into the Thumbpickers Hall-of-Fame and was asked to compete again which resulted in another 1st place win in contemporary fingerstyle, and 2nd in traditional thumbpicking. Some influences are Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Jerry Reed, Buster B. Jones, Stephen Bennett, Pat Kirtley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Django Reinhardt, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Andy Mckee, Adam Rafferty, and Tommy Emmanuel.

In the 4 years Thomas has been playing fingerstyle, he has performed with such greats as Stephen Bennett, Joscho Stephan of Germany, Gareth Pearson of Wales, Wayne Henderson, Richard Smith, and guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel. Thomas was named the most outstanding overall musician in the Woodside High School performing arts magnet in 2004. In 2005 alone, he performed at the 2 most prestigious acoustic festivals in the nation, Merlefest and the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society (CAAS) Convention. Since then, he has performed at countless music festivals across the east and west coast. Thomas has also been voted the Best Overall Guitarist in the Hampton Roads area by Meona.net. Thomas also plays the Harp Guitar and has been named the new young gun by Harpguitars.net.

Matt's Guitars:

  • Holloway Harp Guitar — Performance harp guitar
  • Morris — Studio guitar
  • Maton EBG808 — Live guitar
  • McCollough Baritone — Studio/performance guitar