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Brandon Lee Adams
June 17, 2017
Brandon Lee Adams


Time & Place
Saturday, June 17, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
5200 Hampton Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23462
General Admission$23
Military, Senior (60), or Student (w/ID)$20
TFAM Member$15
Child 10-17 w/adult$10
Child under 10 w/adultfree

Brandon Lee Adams has already crafted his own style of songwriting, guitar playing, and singing. He grew up listening to Hank Williams Sr., Roy Acuff, Bill Monroe, and Tony Rice, as well as the rock, country, and even hip-hop of the time. Developed from a lifetime of diverse musical influences, Brandon’s music fits equally into singer-songwriter, bluegrass, Americana, and folk. He is equally at home fronting a full band at a festival or playing solo for house concerts and small clubs.


He started to play the guitar at the age of eight when his grandfather Robert Adams put his old Martin D-28 in his grandson’s hands saying, “Learn G,C and D. You’re playing in church this weekend.” After learning the chords and putting many grueling hours into his practice, he got his hungry hands on Tony Rice’s Church Street Blues album. His musical career began while trying to learn Tony Rice’s works. To this day, Tony has a profound influence on the direction of his musical journey. To Brandon, it was not just playing the guitar, it was the song, the words, the vocal.

Brandon started hanging around jam sessions demanding other musicians to teach him things he did not already know. He entered his first guitar contest at the age of sixteen at The Vandalia. Coming in sixth place, he referred to that as an eye opening day. Born in Charlestown, West Virginia, Brandon spent his school week there but his weekends, holidays and summer breaks were spent working on a farm in Webbville Kentucky where he developed his musical tastes and interests. After realizing that making music was his main goal, he began to venture into various venues listening to Eric Clapton’s Unplugged album. He tuned into Vince Gill and New Grass Revival and gained much respect for Alison Krauss. Larry Spark’s John Deer Tractor album also sparked his interest. One of his biggest inspirations as an entertainer was Jerry Reed, while Tim O’Brien’s album Odd Man Out made a huge impact. “From that point on I knew I wanted to play and sing songs like Tony, but I wanted to write like Tim.”

At the age of seventeen, Brandon began to showcase his talents after winning a local talent contest which catapulted a milestone allowing him to perform at the Ryman Auditorium. Brandon knew this was where he wanted to be. After high school, military service, and some time in college, his love for the guitar and his music won him yet another local contest. His talent with a variety of genres only added to his appeal. Brandon’s unique sound started to find an appreciative audience while working and travelling playing as far as Ireland and Canada. As his musical ambition began to grow during a period playing in bluegrass bands, he got to meet and share the stage with such heroes as JD Crowe and Scott Vestal.

What others are saying…

Songwriting from the heart and masterful playing.
Ronny Cox, Actor, Director, Singer and Songwriter
When I first heard Brandon Adam’s music, it knocked me out! Clean, solid and honest! As a musician, I am in awe of Brandon’s talent. As a show promoter, I look forward to getting Brandon up to Minnesota to do a show! Top shelf music, staying power and timeless!
Glenn Elvig, Artist, Songwriter, and Musician
Brandon Adams is the real deal when it comes to bluegrass and true country music. A clear heartfelt singer with strong original songs, and an excellent guitarist. Peter Stone Brown
At the top of the list for singer/songwriters. Brandon Lee Adams is a helluva guitar player too.
Pamela Hodges Rice
When I listened to the song we recorded… it was one of the few times I missed my voice.
Tony Rice
Brandon Adam’s music is hot!”
Grace Muldoon, DJ for Worldwide Bluegrass
Brandon Adams! Enough said. His songwriting and music abilities are top notch…
Jane Hardin Kennedy
Opening: Crimson Fox
Opening: Crimson Fox


Crimson Fox is a musical partnership between Micah Foxx and Matthew Crim. With 20 years of songwriting expertise individually and together, this multi-genre duo has captured a strong cadre of devoted followers throughout the coastal Virginia and North Carolina regions. The two friends have been performing together for over a decade as founding members of multiple local bands. The Crimson Fox acoustic duo was formed in early 2017. As an integral part of the vibrant music scene in the Tidewater area, Foxx and Crim are deeply connected to the the supportive pillars of the community.

Essential to Crimson Fox’s success is the transparency, intimacy and universality of Foxx’s lyrics, combined with the strength and breadth of his musical diversity vocally and on the guitar. Crim, on the double bass, offers a chilling depth of accompaniment to Foxx’s strong leads. Crimson Fox’s raison d’être is reaching deeply into the hearts and souls of those who appreciate music of universal relevance and providing a listening experience that crosses all generations.