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The Limehouse Jazz Collective
September 14, 2019
The Limehouse Jazz Collective


Time & Place
Saturday, September 14, 2019 @ 7:30 pm
6330 Newtown Rd
Norfolk, VA 23502
General Admission FREE

The Limehouse Jazz Collective is a group of talented musicians whose birthdates span 6 different decades. You’d think a group that diverse in ages would have drastically different tastes in music. So how did guys with such differing musical appetites come to be a band?

A group of jazz players started playing their favorite swing tunes at a jam session on Sunday afternoons. The core group was Paul Mulcahy on Tenor Guitar, Adam Hill on guitar, Ben Ferrell on Bass and Bill Maccia on Saxophone. But great musicians started joining the jams including Josh MacDonald on trumpet, Craig Canning on Saxophone, Mike Durig and Eldon Sully on guitars. Rick Kalanauskus might play bass or trombone.

Then something interesting happened. People wanted us to play at their events and the Limehouse Quartet was formed. Originally with Paul, Adam, Ben and Bill. But each guy couldn’t make each engagement on the calendar OR we wound up with 5 or 6 guys playing a gig. So the jam group became the musician’s pool for the “collective”. So a gig may have Paul, Ben, Josh and Mike or it could be Paul, Eldon, Bill and Ben. We could be a cool, stripped-down trio or a lush sounding quintet. Whatever the lineup, it’s always a blast. Great musicians that can sit in at anytime and play the great jazz and swing tunes that we all love.

Paul: Rhythm Tenor Guitar/Vocals
Ben: Upright Bass/Bass Guitar
Eldon: Lead Guitar
Bill: Saxophone
Adam: Lead Guitar
Josh: Trumpet
Mike: Lead Guitar
Craig: Saxophone
Rick Kalanauskus: Bass/Trombone